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The Hungarian-French Gallery was opened in March 2001 by Paul Poudade ambassador in course of the Hungarian year in France. It is founded by the French partner’s 30-year-professional skill and business experience of his Parisian Gallery. After several years of successful cooperation with the French gallery in 2012 the Hungarian-French Gallery became independent profile and the hungarian works of art were put to the front.

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Primarily we offer works in academic style 19th century paintings from France, classicistic and realistic works and genre scenes of Hungarian, Belgian, English, Austrian and Swedish masters.

We put up for sale genre-scenes and still life paintings, ladscapes as well as mytological and allegorical paintings from the end of the 19th century. All of them is framed by goldplated original frames from th 19th century. The masters are mostrly Hungarian, French and Austrian, they are noted and they guaranteed the high quality. We would like to mention only a few names from them like Karoly Telepy, Jozsef Molnar, Miklos Barabas, Karoly Marko the younger, Pal Böhm, Laszlo Pataky, or Paul Sauvigny, Franz Lefler etc. There are typic vedutes about Venice by Karl Kaufmann for example.

Furthermore we offer furnitures, cabinets, tables, clocks, chess-tables with Boulle-stlye, bronze and porcelain allegorical sculptures and vases of a word-wide fame master Vilmos Zsolnay.


New paintings


Neogrády László: Mountain landscape in pair, oil on canvas, 39x29 cm, Signed right below: L. Neogrady

Neogrády László: Mountain landscape in pair, oil on canvas, 39×29 cm, Signed right below: L. Neogrady

Neogrády L 2 tátra 39x29 cm

Neogrády László: Mountain landscape in pair, oil on canvas, 39×29 cm, Signed right below: L. Neogrady

Vastagh Géza: Oroszlánfej,  86x67 cm, Jelezve balra fent: Vastagh Géza

Vastagh Géza: Lion portrait, oil on canvas, 86×67 cm, Signed left up: Vastagh Géza

P.Valmon Cauchois 30x23 cm (2)

Eugene Henri Cauchois: Flowers, oil on canvas, 30 x 23 cm, Signed as P. Valmon right below

Charles Louis Kratke: Romantika a parkban, olaj, fa, 39 x 32, Jelezve balra lent: Kratke, 1878

Charles Louis Kratke: Romantic scene in the park, oil on wood, 39 x 32, Signed left below: Kratke, 1878

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If you are interested in our paintings, furnitures or works of art do not hesitate to visit us in Budapest or contact us by phone or e-mail immediately.

Address: 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 13.
Phone number: +36 302 6200, +36 30 949 2838
E-mail: mfg@magyar-franciagaleria.hu

Opening hours
Mo-Fri 10:00 – 18: 00,
Sat: 11:00 – 13: 00

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